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An average six-room house gathers 40 pounds of dirt, dust, and other allergens in the air duct each year, according to a study by the National Air Duct Cleaners (NADCA). Dirt, dust, and allergens can cause major medical issues, considering that 40,000 tiny bugs can flourish in just a single ounce of dust. 

Those tiny dust bunnies contain a large group of harmful bacteria, fungi, and mold. According to the EPA, indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. That's not all; the contaminated air circulates throughout your home every time you turn on your heating or cooling system.

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Improved Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality 

The accumulation of dirt and debris prevents the air from flowing freely throughout your ventilation system. This will affect the functioning of your ventilation system. Trust the experts at Master Carpet Cleaning And Restoration to improve the quality of air in your home with our excellent air duct and air vent cleaning services. 

Our team has the skills and knowledge to clean your ventilation system and ductwork, including registers, related take-offs, and the main trunk line. 

Our professionals can also clean your HVAC unit, blower, evaporator loop and other available parts. From duct cleaning to vent cleaning, we can clean all aspects of your ventilation system.

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